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Latest news: Sept 2021 
Christmas is on it's way. Risk & Rewards Board Games were well received at Lymington and Lyndhurst recently, people were definitely shopping for Chirismas and planning to include our game for the festivities, even taking it with them travelling overseas.  
We always have our game at events displayed and ready to play, come along and give it a try. 
Risk & Rewards Autumn Events 2021 
Hungerford Corn Exchange Saturday 25th Sept 
Godalming Borough Hall Saturday 2nd October 
Salisbury Guildhall Friday 19th November 
Lymington Masonic Hall Friday 26th November 
Henley-on-Thames Town Hall Saturday 27th Nov 
What’s this game about? 
“l love that this game supports up to 6 players from age 6+ because it really mixes fun and action activity into one game that’s great for all the family and friends. Players are all trying to go move up the board in order to win the game. Meanwhile, landing on a Risk & Rewards card or action card may advance you forward or backwards using minimal props.” 
Simple Rules 
There are only a couple mandatory rules that you have to follow. The main mechanic is roll the dice and move your token. Players will choose a token by the roll of the Dice, The dice number will determine your character. Elect a player to manage the cards. 
Ease of Answer 
You’ve got the Risk & Rewards board game on the table and family/friends are laughing and having a good time. Someone draws a trivia card and there’s some confusion on what’s the answer. Everyone reads it, you can check the answer sheet in the box for a ruling, some other games, this would be a hassle to search internet for the answer. 


We had many families and friends test drive Risk & Rewards. These were there comments : 
“”We trialed the board games in our after school clubs and the children thoroughly enjoyed them.We feel they are best suited to over 7's, however with a little help can be played by everyone. The children found the different challenges exiciting and fun " 
Natasha - Casa Clubs via email March 2019  
“I loved it when someone drew the roller coaster card that takes you up or down, on the roll of the dice double the move.” 
“What I liked about the game is your success is affected by the remaining players input to your task. I can’t stress enough that this is a game for people who want to play a fun and engaging game. I have found the game brings out the people that good with trivia but struggles with action cards or visa versa” 
““Our family say it is a blast to play when someone acts out a ridiculous action that has people out of their seats or laughing their heads off. No two games will be the same.We’ve played a handful of times and haven’t even seen all the cards in the game and I love that!” 
“We had fun it’s definitely a perfect board for all to share with both family and friends. I could definitely see people challenged with this game . I don’t care if I win or lose at the end of the day. I care about having a fun and laughter experience with the people in my life” 

 Overall impressions  highs & lows 

If you’ve got a creative and fun group to play with, this is going to be a fun addition to your game shelf. I would say the game is completely suitable for kids 6. The more you play Risk & Rewards the more creative we’ve gotten. 
• The game creates creativity, engagement and laughter 
• Unique and fun concept with minimal props 
• Perfect game for all the family 
• Greatly dependent on the players involved 
• Needs at least 2 players (3+ is better in our opinion) 
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